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Elethea Skincare

List of all Elethea Skincare products available - Elethea

Elethea by Elethea

Deep Nourishing Cream 50ml

Save: £60.01

Elethea by Elethea

Revitalising High Protection Fluid 50ml SPF30

Save: £56.01

Elethea by Elethea

Youth Capture Serum 30ml

Save: £110.01


Elethea - Biochemist and cosmetic scientist Nausheen Qureshi has always been fascinated by the skincare regime of women. Inspired by ancient rituals that relied solely on natural remedies done by native women in Kenya where she grew up, Nausheen created Elethea, a range of pioneering science-led luxury skincare packed with some of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients. Using her knowledge of biochemistry to enhance their natural properties, Nausheen bio-engineered molecules small enough to penetrate the deep layers of the skin where they can be more effective. Now she has a range of luxurious Elethea anti-age products for you to choose from including deep nourishing creams and youth capture serums which you can buy here at amazingly low prices.