Salvador Dali

List of all Salvador Dali Products - Fragrances and EDT Sprays

Salvador Domenec Felip Jacint Dali I Domenech – more commonly known as Salvador Dali was a prominent Spanish surrealist artist of the 20th century. This talented and imaginative man is best-known for his paintings, but Dali also mastered several arts in this lifetime, including film, sculpture, photography and even perfume. Perfumery did not seem an illogical choise, given the variety of interests and expertise of this celebrated artist. The first fragrance was launched in 1983 and was chosen by Dali and his wife Gala before her death. Gala’s fondness for roses made the scent of them a leading note in most of Dali’s fragrances. There are a total of 50 Dali fragrances and these include Daliflor, Eau de Dali, Lovely Kiss, Purple Lips and Sun & Roses.

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