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Fragrance and EDT Testers

Featured Fragrance Tester Products

List of Fragrance Testers - Original products without fancy packaging

Flower Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml -Tester-
by Kenzo
Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml -Tester-
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Testers - A tester is a 100% genuine product that is unused and unopened.

Testers are the regular products usually without the fancy packaging in a plain box (so don't make such good presents - but are an ideal refill for yourself) generally they are also marked tester on the bottle, they are always new and unused; and sometimes come without a lid. Some items may also be marked not for individual sale. 
As they don't have all of the fancy outer packaging we get them at a better price, so are able to sell for less.

Unboxed item is a 100% genuine product that is unused and unopened. Unboxed items are the regular products without the fancy packaging.

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