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We here at Direct Cosmetics cannot deny how much we love all things Eau de Toilette, Parfum, Aftershave etc! So, we thought we would share a couple of interesting facts to do with these wonderful aromas. 1. A good fragrance can lift your spirits – A fragrance you believe to be pleasant can have a great effect on your mood. 2. Fragrance are unisex – All scents are not inherently masculine or feminine, it’s how it is presented that makes the difference. You’d be surprised that a third of men’s perfume sold in the world is actually worn by women! And lastly, 3. A fragrance is unique to each person who wears it – The same scent can smell differently on you to someone else. This happens because a scent is subject to the environment, skin type and at times even the diet of the person! We could go on and on but for now why not browse through our range of discounted perfumes, top brand fragrances and delightful aftershaves which include most of the big brand names!

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