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Becca make up range

List of all Becca Cosmetics and Accessories

Becca by Becca

Pencil Sharpener Jumbo Size Dual Point Anti Bacterial

Save: £6.01

Becca by Becca

Slim Pencil Sharpener Dual Point Anti Bacterial

Save: £3.60

Rebecca Morrice Williams, founder of Becca started her career as a makeup artist in Perth, Western Australia. Frustrated with her own inability to find the perfect foundation, one that would look natural, conceal blemishes, feel weightless on the skin and stay fresh all day, she set out to create it herself. After 6 years of research and development, Rebecca’s passion and persistence resulted in the ultimate range of skin-perfecting products that make it possible for all women to experience the pleasure of a flawless and radiant complexion. Her range includes Eye Tints, Jewel Dust and Sharpeners.