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Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 100ml

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Clains - Jacques Courtin-Clarins founded the cosmetics brand Clarins in 1954 when he was a medical student. He noticed that many female patients reported various skin problems and he seized the opportunity to set up his own cosmetics business. The brand name, Clarins, was not part of his surname, but the name of a character he played in a school play several years ago. Clarins began their successful journey with the sales of perfumed body oils that were made from botanical ingredients whilst advising their customers to massage their skins in order to treat existing skin conditions. The product range rapidly expanding when the business took on. Clarins was the first cosmetics brand to manufacture oils, creams and other products from natural ingredients only, which has been part of the company’s appear since the 50’s. Clarins now have more products under their name than can be counted. Buy your Clarins products here at prices you can afford.