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Malibu Sun protection Products

Malibu Sun Protection

Malibu by Malibu

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Malibu by Malibu

Soothing After Sun 100ml

Save: £1.70

Malibu by Malibu

Sun Lotion Spray Medium Protect 200ml SPF15

Save: £3.00

Malibu by Malibu

Sun Protection Lotion Water Resist 200ml SPF15

Save: £4.50

Malibu – Malibu sun care pride themselves in providing skin and sun care products, manufactured in the UK for everyone. Their slogan is “Sun Protection for everybody” which reflects their intent to provide families with quality protection at prices you can afford. They have designed and developed a wide range of sun protection, after sun and protection for all skin types which include Sun Gels, Moisturising Sun Lotions, Hair Protectors, Oil Sprays and After Suns. Buy now and save on Malibu Sun Protection at low, discounted prices at Direct Cosmetics.